Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Grossman's speech

Grossman’s speech

He says, “We look at ourselves and this year it is not easy to look at ourselves. We had a war. Israel flexed its huge military biceps”.

“We had a war”?

You invaded and slaughtered the people of a neighbouring country and when you were forced to leave you left behind 1,000,000 cluster bombs for the kids, you bastards.

“I speak as one whose love for this land is tough and complicated, I am a man entirely without religious faith and the establishment - and very existence - of the state of Israel is something of a miracle that happened to us as a people”;

What happened to you as a people was not something of a miracle but the slaughter and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people in 1948 where upon you moved in and stole their land and houses.

Even when the miracle disintegrates into tiny fragments of children’s flesh, as it did last night and will again tomorrow night, all you can think of is your own loss.

“Israel has become a terrified, suspicious, sweaty, legalistic, deceptive state and degenerated into heartlessness, real cruelty towards the weak, the poor and the suffering. It displays indifference to the hungry, the elderly, the sick and the handicapped, equanimity in the face of, for example, trafficking in women, or the exploitation of foreign workers in conditions of slave labour; and in the face of profound, institutionalised racism toward its Arab minority”.

This is an honest description and reminds me of the old Nazi state in Germany.

“Let's look for a minute at our potential partners. The Palestinians have placed Hamas in their leadership, and Hamas refuses to negotiate with us, refuses even to recognise us.

This is incorrect. Hamas does not refuse to negotiate with Israel (it has offered a 10 year unconditional truce); it is the morons who run Israel who refuse to negotiate with the elected Hamas. What Hamas refuse to recognise is your theft and illegal occupation of their land and houses.

You tell the clown Olmert to appeal to the Palestinians over Hamas's head because the Palestinians are also guilty of the dead end that you have reached while he appoints the new Hitler (Liberman) to Cabinet.

Wake up David, no one wishes Israel ill.

Not the Palestinians or the Iranians.

It is a psychotic delusion.

I challenge you, if you are an honest and brave man, like your son, to e/mail the Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, [who is democratically elected] and say hello. Ask him how he is and what he wants as the old Yiddish People of Europe would have done.

His e/mail address is

Let us know how you get on.


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