Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hillary defends AIPAC

Hillary Clinton defends AIPAC.

Clinton has described as outrageous the attacks on the AIPAC by Pelosi and other Democrats in the new Congress and the refusal to give them key jobs.

Hillary said that the attempt by Pelosi to block AIPAC candidates for the top Democratic jobs in Congress was unpatriotic and un American.

Hillary went on to say that Israel was the natural and real-time ruler in Washington and anyone who did not know that would never get anywhere in American politics.

She said Bill had taught her that as her first lesson in running for the Presidency.

He had learned to his cost, and many investigations later, that the true rulers in Washington were the AIPAC and she was not gong to make the same mistake.

When she becomes president she has promised AIPAC that she will ethnically cleanse the state of California and allow all the Israelis from Israel to move there, as Israel will no longer safe for the Israelis after they nuke Iran -what with the fallout -(mostly anti-Semitic) -and all.

The citizens of California will be housed in refugee camps in Oregon and any bitching out of them will result in the President of the republic of California, Netanyahu, bombing the camps from the new Israeli airbases in the Mojave desert.

California will be the new Israel and a rebuilt LA will be the new Jerusalem.

Sch-war-zen-egg-er can shag off back to Berlin or where ever it is he comes from and bring the Kennedy clan with him because anyone with war, Zen and egg in his name must be confused.

Haliburton has agreed to build the new Temple at cost.

Cheney said we will show those Phoenicians and other Arab Semites who built the first Temple that the Americans can do it better for less.

Rumsfeld will be the chief foreman.

Catalina Island will be renamed Robben Island and Pelosi and other refusenik prisoners will be held there without trial under the old Bush laws with daily doses of Rumsfeld torture, just to teach them a lesson.

The New Gaza, where other refusniks hide out in the redwoods, will be bombed on a daily basis.

Nevada will have to cede territory to the New Republic of Israel for settlements as Lebensraum is needed by the Volk of New Israel and it is written in the Bible “take and ye shall have”.

A ‘Security Barrier’ will be built along the Northern Border with Oregon to keep the ethnically cleansed, the un-washed, the un-Chosen and the Gentiles out of the glorious New Republic of Israel.


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