Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Israel set to nuke itself

70 million Shi’a are on the march.

In Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, Saudi, Kuwait and Lebanon they are fed up with 1,300 years of being treated like second class citizens by the Sunnis.

And now Israel and the West want to humiliate them further.

No chance.

The Shi’a are the best fighters in the world.

Look at what Nasrallah and his martyrs did to the Israelis.

When they start they cannot be defeated.

And the Yanks and the Brits were dumb enough to go into Iraq to try and rob them.

Because of that, Iran now owns Southern Iraq with the consent of the people there.

The Brits are hiding out in the desert afraid to move.

The Iranians shot a missile (not a land based IED, as reported) at one of the Brit boats on the Shatt last Sunday just to show them who is boss there.

Baghdad is being turned into a Shi’a city now ruled by Islamic law.

The Shi’as rounded up the Education Ministry a couple of days ago.

The Yanks and the Brits better cut and run fast because the Shi’a have some unfinished business, from 1,300 years ago, to settle with the Sunnis.

Better still, they should never have gone there, as their Commander-in Chief was plenty smart not to go anywhere near Vietnam in his time.

And the aggressive, racist, nasty, anti-Semitic Israelis want to lob a nuclear bomb on the Shi’as in Iran.

They better kill them all at the first go or if not they better keep the last nuclear bomb for themselves.


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