Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prepare to know less.

Prepare to know less.

Goebbels will tell you what you need to know.

As with Fox news in America…it was found that anyone who watches it…will know less than before they saw it and what they do know is wrong.

This is the same with Sky news here.

The more you watch the less you know.

That would make a good advertising slogan for BskyB.

And it is about to get worse.

Dumb Down Goebbels now publicly owns 17.9% of ITV shares.

He also secretly owns or controls another 20% through placemen buyers.

That gives him control of 40% of ITV shares which is illegal under British law.

He also controls Brown and Blair so the BBC will get little or no funding in their licence fee.

This is lovely.

A miserable little crook from Aussie can control the flow of information to the British people and also control out government.

We deported these loaf robbers centuries ago and barred them and their descendants from ever returning.

How did this little fart get back in and begin to tell us what to think?

Next thing ye know we’ll all be robbing bread like his ancestors.


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