Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why Israel invaded Iraq.

Israel’s failure in Iraq.

Jerusalem officials say Israel is ignoring U.S. plans to leave Iraq

Israeli political and defense officials are ignoring the preparations to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq, even though such a move is expected to have major strategic ramifications for Israel, said senior officials in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

"I am very fearful," said a senior official in Jerusalem. "The American withdrawal from Iraq will have a very severe impact on us, unless Iran is attacked and destroyed as a regional power."Otherwise the official said the pullout could lead to two negative outcomes for Israel - the emergence of a terrorist entity with ties to Iran, and American hesitation to send troops to the Middle East.

So if Iran is not next then why did Israel insist the America invade Iraq in the first place?

What did they hope to gain?

1,000,000 people dead for no reason and Israel in a worse position than it was before the invasion.
The only conclusion possible is that if Israel cannot now persuade America to destroy Iran then it is run by a group of dumb blood-thirsty morans who do not know what they are doing and we should withdraw all funding from them until they make peace with the Palestinians.


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