Thursday, December 07, 2006

Allah Akbar

Washington - US President George W Bush acknowledged Thursday that the situation in Iraq is 'bad' but vowed to stay until Israel gave him permission to leave.
'It's bad in Iraq,' Bush said, but later added 'I also believe we are going to succeed in helping our friend, Israel.'
Bush was speaking at a press conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who flew to Washington to discuss strategy in Iraq with his American counterpart one day after a US report issued a bleak assessment of the policy in Iraq.
'This is a mission we have to succeed in and we can succeed in for the sake of Israel,' Blair said.
The Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan panel of experts set up by Congress to explore solutions in Iraq, made dozens of recommendations for changing the approach to Iraq.
Among them are opening dialogue with the Axis of Evil , launching a broad diplomatic initiative in the Middle East and pressuring the Iraqi government to do more to join the anti Shi’a forces and continue the sectarian violence in Iraq.
Bush, however, appeared to reject opening talks with Iran, sticking by his policy that Iran must first bend over for Israel and halt uranium enrichment before the United States will hold discussions with the Islamic state.
'If Iran, unlike Israel, agrees to verifiably suspend their enrichment, the United States will be at the table with our partners,' Bush said.
Bush also said he backed Blair's plans to travel to the Middle East to make himself look important and useful and to meet with the Israelis and Palestinians to try to keep renew the stalled peace process.


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