Friday, December 08, 2006

Bush flees to India.

Bush flees to India.

To meditate on Lovelock and the Gaia.

What a suitable name, Lovelock.

I’m in shock and awe of it.

But Bush the moron light the fuse.

He of “General”….. that’s the name of the ruler of Pakistan.

And nothing can stop it now.

1,300 years of Shi’a oppression by the Sunnis looks like it is about to end.

The Farsi speaking Iranians are helping the Shi’a Arabs in Iraq to set up the first Arab/Shi’a controlled country in modern times.

The Saudis are helping the Sunnis in Anbar with money and anti aircraft missiles.

The Turks are looking at the Kurds in Northern Iraq and are becoming afraid, as are the Iranians.

Invasion from both sides is likely to crush the Kurds.

A regional conflagration seems inevitable with Israel joining in with its nukes.

There go our cheap flights and oil and our booming economies, which were destroying the planet anyway.

The beautiful flowers of Kenya will have to stay there and the Kiwis from Oz will be eaten there.

All’s well that ends well.


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