Friday, December 15, 2006


The police said they had not chosen the timing of the interview with Mr. Blair but were summoned by Jonathan Powell to Downing Street with only two hours notice and when the lead detective, John Yates, was not available.

Mr. Blair’s official spokesman said he was not told about the interview until twenty minutes after the police had left Downing Street.

The police were told, that as the meeting was without caution, they must switch off their recorders, which were on the desk, and to switch off their mobile phones for security reasons.

No recording of the question and answer session was kept by the police.

They made up some notes, later, from memory.

Mr. Blair told the police that even if it was true that Lord Levy suggested to the four donors that they would get Peerages for loans but not donations, he, Blair, knew nothing about it.

Mr. Blair also said that even if Lord Levy had told the donors to hide their loans and remove them from their applications forms for Peerages, he, Blair, also knew nothing about it.

Blair said he had discussed the Peerages separately with the four donors, at Lord Levy’s request, only to confirm they would be getting the Peerages and had just mentioned that non-repayable loans were preferable to donations as the House of Lords might not understand the donations if they knew about them.

Lord Levy said he was beginning to feel like a patsy and if he went down then so would Blair.


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