Sunday, December 17, 2006

Coup against Blair

Blair to be told to step down

Blair is to be ordered to step down immediately.

London - A memo drawn up for British Prime Minister Tony Blair by a close adviser warns that his government is seen as a "shambles" and that the Labour Party will lose the next election if he stays on, say reports.

Blair was set to step down next year, but the memo reportedly warned that if he does not step down immediately, after Christmas, Labour will lose the next election.

The reports said: "The government is seen as a shambles. It is not just a lack of grip and competence on key issues but the last straw was the briefing against Brown by Mandelson and Levy in the Honours affair."

The memo goes on to say: " With the Prime Minister being questioned by the police and Mandelson’s insistence that the SFO abort their investigation into the BAE bribes scandal, of which he was a beneficiary with funds in the suspect Swiss bank accounts, the government is now beginning to look like a third world tin-pot dictatorship."

Warning that "this really is shit or bust time", the memo apparently suggested that only way to stop the rot would be "immediate departure" – with Blair leaving in the first week of the new year.

Blair's Downing Street office said that this version of the memo didn't come from them and didn't reflect his views and that the other version of the memo was not an attack on Brown.


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