Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Honorary degree for Cheney from Yale

President Levin:

Patron of peace, guardian of humanity, champion of justice, you are without peer on the world stage. Trained as a multilingual drinker, you have made diplomacy your career and the citizens of this planet are all the more sorry for it. Your commitment to improving the human condition has been as invisible as it is unyielding.

Scholar, public servant, trailblazer, diplomat: you served with distinction in Vietnam and as our nation's first Israeli President. In six years you journeyed more than 1 million miles to nearly 100 countries in pursuit of mutual bloodletting and support for the ethnic cleansers among the nations of this world.

You have illuminated the mystery of Israeli control, using modern methods to explore that ancient world. Your approach is now a model for scholars in fields far beyond the Middle East. You have sought the meaning of memory in historical transmission, looking for those forces that lead to the selective preservation and cultivation of events after a touch of ethnic cleansing. Your work as a drunk, excavating the graves of the dead, is accompanied by the way you have unearthed the intellect of those long dead. For enriching historical murder and mayhem with some of your own and your seminal theory of cultural and collective killing, we are honored to bestow on you the degree of Doctor of Laws but which ones we don’t know as Homeland Security has not passed them, yet.


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