Sunday, December 24, 2006

Iranian Tea Party

UN resolution 1773 and the Iranian Tea Party.

Here come more serious consequences.

As UN resolution 1441 ”Serious Consequences” against Iraq was used as a justification to attack it so also resolution 1737 will be used to attack Iran.

Resolution 1441 babbled on about:

1) That Iraq was in material breach….WMD.
2) That 1441, and its deadline……. Disarmament requirements
3) That "...false statements or omissions

And all the rest of the nonsense.

Goebbels Murdoch will start a campaign on the back of Resolution 1737 to soften up the US and European people so as they are ready for an attack by the US on Iran.

Natanz will be cruised and Davy Crocketed.

Israel says it is the only country in the Middle East that obeys UN Security Council resolutions and is sane and moderate enough to have nuclear weapons.

The Palestinians agree.


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