Saturday, December 09, 2006

Israel should ask Ismail

Israel should ask the Palestinians to run Israel.

The Israelis themselves have made a bad job of it.

Ever since the Israelis took over parts of Palestine in 1948 and called it a country they have made a bad job of running it.

There has been nothing but trouble.

Ethnic cleansing, massacres, murder, theft and mayhem all the time.

No peace for anyone.

When the Jews lived with the Palestinians and even Saladin’s Kurds back in the day they lived in peace and prospered.

No one bothered them.

They practiced their religion and owned land as much as they wanted.

Who sold Abraham the grave?

They fought with the Muslims against us and defended Jerusalem when we went there to loot the place on the Crusades.

Now the Israelis took over Israel in 1948 and messed everything up.

This, I think, is because they have not had a chance of running their own government since Roman times.

They don’t know how to do it anymore.

They have forgotten and can only carry on by begging off the Americans.

They lived in Europe with us for centuries but we kept them in the ghetto.

The only solution is for them to ask Ismail Haniyeh to come and run the country for them for the rest of this century, at least.

He’ll do a good job and they can watch and learn.

The Muslims run a good country when they have one and treat everyone, Christian and Jew equally and very well.

They have always done so in the past as they do today even in Iran.

So the Israelis should swallow their pride, admit they can’t cope and ask for help.

I’m sure Ismail would oblige.


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