Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mein Gott

Romeā€¦In a strongly worded lecture, the Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa denounced the "abominations" committed inside the church "by its own ministers and pastors" and declared that the church has "paid a high price for this."

"The moment has come, after the emergency and lack of funds, to do the most important thing of all: to cry before God give us the money and the boys," said Cantalamessa, in a pre-Christmas talk delivered in the Vatican chapel. The pope was in the audience with what described as his nephew.

The Vatican said it had no immediate comment on the speech except to say that they were adopting the same rules as the Taliban and that no boys without facial hair should be buggered before Christmas, Cantalamessa said.
Cantalamessa suggested that the church "indicate a day of fasting and penance, at local and national level, where no suitable boys, without fathers, could be found and the problem was particularly acute, to publicly express their fondness of all young boys, good-looking or not."

He also took a swipe at ostensibly penitent clergy who were still at it, he said, "and were seeking to profit from the sensation, even profiting from their own sins, releasing interviews, writing memoirs in an attempt to throw the blame on the good looking boys and their superiors in the buggering community."

Although Benedict's reaction was not immediately known, the pontiff recently said the church must urgently rebuild confidence with all good-looking young boys with or without facial hair.
In March 2005, Benedict, denounced what he called "filth in the church among those in the priesthood for not sharing their boys with him when he comes to visit."


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