Monday, December 18, 2006

Oi, Charlie

BASRA, Iraq (AP) - Tony Blair urges British troops in Iraq to 'fight and die for what the Israelis and I we believe in', while kidnappers targeted dozens of charity workers in Baghdad

It comes as Tony Blair arrived in Iraq for a Christmas visit to British troops.

Standing in front of a Lynx helicopter in a cavernous hangar, Blair told some of the 7,000 sullen British troops serving in southern Iraq they were fighting on behalf of "Israel and its nuclear armed people."

"To my surprise I found that this is real conflict where real people die, real battle, and you are going to die for me and my lies - not fighting a state, but fighting for my set of ideas to support Israel," Blair said. "What we need to try to do is build an alliance of Arab states and moderate people who will surrender to Israel."

During what has become an annual holiday-season visit to the region, Blair told troops that his extremism was causing havoc in neighbourhoods from Basra to London and they must support it.

"The crazy thing about today's world is that people listen to me and then it actually comes back to our own streets," he said. "All over the world the same struggle is going on, and if you don't stand up and fight for my public school ideas, whatever your fate, then the people like me full of hatred and sectarianism will perish."

Blair's visit to Baghdad early Sunday was no surprise to anyone as he tries to escape the cops in London and shag up the chances of Brown taking over.

After meetings with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Blair urged the international community to ensure that democracy is defeated in Palestine. And as he flew into the heavily fortified Green Zone aboard a military helicopter, he said this was an example of democracy in one of Saddam’s palaces and wasn’t it great and worth all the lives expended.

Blair insisted Iraq has made progress since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion and that democracy will soon be extended to another Saddam palace in Basra.

"The first time I arrived in this country there was no proper functioning democracy. Today here in the Green Zone there is," Blair said at a joint news conference with al-Maliki. "Our task - ours, the Americans, the whole of the coalition of fools, the international community and the Iraqis themselves - is to make sure that the forces of terrorism we have deployed are not defeated and the will of the people is crushed."

The trip - Blair's sixth to Iraq since the U.S.-led 2003 illegal invasion - was not announced in advance for fear of the democratic people of Iraq making their feelings known via a rocket propelled grenade.


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