Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Open letter to Founding Fathers

Open letter to the Founding Fathers.

And their descendants.

In the year 2006 Jimmy Carter the 39th. President of United States (1977-1981) published his thoughts on the state of democracy in our Congress today.

He said that Members of Congress would commit political suicide if they were to espouse a balanced position between two warring Semitic tribes in a section of the old Ottoman Empire.

It would appear that one of the tribes returned there from Europe and took the land and houses from the residents and expelled them.

The returned tribe refuses to comply with international law and our members of Congress are afraid to say so.

The editorial pages of our major newspapers and magazines exercise self-restraint and refuse to report what is happening there in a fair and balanced way.

So our position is that our Congress has been subverted and our newspapers are no longer free to report the truth.

This reluctance by Congress and the Press to criticise policies of the returned tribe is due to the extraordinary lobbying efforts Political Action Committee, in America, of the returned tribe.

This means we have no freedom of speech and our democracy is dead.

What are we to do?


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