Sunday, January 28, 2007

If we knew then....

We know now…

What we did not know then…

Bush and Cheney are liars.

Cheney and Bush were liars when they made up the story about Saddam having this and that and being a danger to us and Iraq full of terrorists and 9/11ers.

In fact he could not wipe his ass.

Now the country is a danger to any of our boys there and is full of terrorists and 9.11ers.

Cheney and Bush have accomplished this in four years.

So they say “we are where we are, forget the past and let’s fuck it up further.”

After the surge we will know that 500 out our boys have died for nothing and we will have to leave the country while the local Sunni/Shi’a divide up the country.

Nothing else is possible.

We knew now what we will know then.

Cheney and Bush are lying crooks and cowards.

Why do we let them kill our boys?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Failure is not an option

“Failure is not an option”

and success is not possible.

Someone should tell Bush that Cheney’s strategy in Iraq has already failed.

There is no way nor any amount of troops that a foreign nation can deploy to subdue a native population in their own country.

Especially when that nation is at civil war for the last 1,000 years.

It’s a total waste of American lives.

The President should now come up with a plan that is more likely to succeed.
How about the one he deployed during the Vietnam War.

Hide out in Texas while being engaged elsewhere.

He could send all out troops in Iraq to Texas for war games and surge a load more in on top of them.

That plan would work.

It worked for him before when the times were dangerous and he was afraid of the Gooks.


Andy Coulson, just does not get it.
He has been editor of the News of the World, a Sunday tabloid owned by Goebbels Murdoch, since 2003, and now says he takes full responsibility for the "scandal" over phone interception on Friday.

That should have been enough.
He took “full responsibility” and that should have been that.

Finished and clar.

Now he’s ruining the pitch by resigning as well.

What will happen the next time a government says “he takes full responsibility.”
Now he’ll be expected to resign as well.

Coulson has a lot to answer for.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Understanding the Holocaust

Understanding the Holocaust.

Why would a European country burn 6,000,000 of Europe’s best citizens 60 years ago?

That’s a hard one.

What did we have 60 years ago?

Obviously a lunatic called Hitler.

But why would the German people obey his order to kill their neighbours?

The answer is that any people (that’s you and me) ordered to do something by what we consider an authority figure will do it.

Milgram proved that 65% of normal everyday people would obey any order, including inflicting torture and death, in his experiments.

This means in a democracy where any leader who gets into power can count on 65% of the people to obey any order he or she gives.

If the leader is a lunatic then any lunatic order he gives will be followed.

We better then guard against having lunatics for leaders

Take some of the recent lunatics who have ruled us.

Bush, Blair, Thatcher, Nixon, Stalin, Mao.

All up to their necks in blood.

How do we stop this?

The only way is strong Congressional or Parliamentary control of the lunatic leader.

Bush and Blair escaped this because of 9/11.

So now, regardless of what attack we may face from a foreign enemy or an alleged friend with their lobby groups, multinational corporations or a rag-tag bunch of ex CIA operatives like Bin Laden and his gang, we should still have strong Congressional or Parliamentary control over the leader in the White House or Downing Street because the chances are he will be a coward and a lunatic.

These attacks on civil rights by Bush and Blair will lead, if left unchecked, to the next, probably flying, Holocaust.

Stop the bastards now.

War money

As the Democratic-led Senate steams toward trying to help keep our soldiers alive, Republicans crafted their own proposals in hopes of killing more of them.

Sen. Ataboy Cornyn R-Texas, who will be in jail before the next election said he got his money and now he must keep his promises even if it kills all our boys in Iraq. Sen Jonboy Kyl R-Ariz., drafted separate resolutions that would voice support for more deaths for out boys in the useless 1,000 year old battle in Iraq.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Coup d'etat in Washington

Coup d’etat in America.

White House bombed.

Washington: Three retired Generals today mounted a coup d’etat in Washington.

It is reported that former President Dick Cheney and his lapdog George Bush have been captured and shot.

The three Generals have appointed Al Gore as interim President since, they say, he won the last election anyway.

The Generals (Bastiste, Zinni and Newbolt) say they do not intend to hold power and will hold elections as soon as they are ready.

A state of martial law was imposed at midnight and all neo-cons and other cons in Washington were arrested and shot as traitors.

A bounty of $1,000,000 has been put on the top leadership of AIPAC.

In the meantime, all troops are to be withdrawn from Iraq and sent to Pakistan to capture or kill The Bin.

Viva Batiste Viva.


The butcher

The butcher of our boys.

Cheney thinks the Congress is "hogwash".

"We have to have the stomach to finish the task," he says.

He did not have the stomach to start the task in Vietnam when it was his turn.

"Now, the critics have not suggested a policy ... All they want to do, all they've recommended, is to save our boys from this disaster."

"Congress won't stop us, and it would be, I think, detrimental from the standpoint of the Israel," Cheney said. "The Congress has control over the purse strings. They have the right, obviously, if they want, to save our boys from a useless death. But in terms of this effort, the President, another coward in his day, has made his decision."

On why the U.S. military's failure to take out Osama bin Laden: "Why can't you find this guy?"
Cheney said, "Well, obviously, we’re fighting in the wrong country and he's well hidden in another."

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

10 year old boys

The Catholic Church in England has said it may be forced to close down its adoption agencies if new laws required them to place children with gay couples.

In an open letter to Tony Blair, the Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor urged him to exempt Catholic adoption agencies from new anti-discrimination legislation.

The cardinal warned that such a move would "significantly" reduce the potential number of young boys, in particular, available to pervert priests.

He said the Catholic Church would have "serious difficulty" adhering to the law as most of its members are perverts and any law that outlaws child abuse would be a difficulty for them.
"We believe it would be unreasonable, unnecessary and unjust discrimination against Catholics perverts for the Government to insist that if they wish to continue to abuse children, the law would not let them do as they pleased," the cardinal wrote.

He said it would be "an unnecessary tragedy if legislation forced the end of child abuse, as the Catholic Church would not get any new recruits".

"We are horrified that the Catholic Church appears to be at the end of centuries of child abuse," O’Connor said.

Message from AIPAC

President George W. Bush’s sixth State of the Union address was delivered Wednesday in an atmosphere of crisis when Cheney giving Madam Speaker Pelosi a message from the AIPAC.

The media made much of it, but the prevailing mood was not so much political confrontation as general bewilderment and apprehension, that such a group of rapists and embezzlers could tell America what to do.

A president who, as multiple polls released this week have underscored, is the most despised and useless occupant of the White House since time began, was treated to sullen silence for most of the time in the House of Representatives.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bush shoots Lincoln

Bush will destroy the Republican Party

He has decided that public opinion is no longer a factor that concerns him.

Every other president coping with the hazards of war, from Lincoln to Nixon, strained to manage public support.

Bush is oblivious to realities in Iraq and is increasingly oblivious to political realities at home.

“I think the 600,000 dead Iraqi people owe me a huge debt of gratitude just as the American people are an ungrateful bunch,” he fantasized recently.

The problem is that Bush is a coward and a fool. Always has been even back to the Vietnam days.

Cheney tells him what to do and Cheney gets his orders direct from enemies of America.

Because of Bush and Cheney the Republicans will be out of power for two decades or longer.

Monday, January 22, 2007

State of the Union address

THE PRESIDENT: Mr. Speaker, Real-President Cheney, members of Congress, distinguished citizens and fellow citizens: Every year, by law and by custom, you meet here to listen to my drivel. This year, you gather in this chamber deeply aware of nature of the dumb schmuck that pretends to lead you.

You serve our country while I serve Cheney who, in turn, works for the embezzlers and rapists who run Israel. During this session of Congress, you have the duty to try and save the lives of some out boys while I intend to put them in harms way for nothing except the fact that I was a coward during the Vietnam War. I will work for a prosperity that is broadly shared by the haves and have mores, and I will answer every imaginary danger and every made- up enemy that Israel invents. I may go after our real enemy sometime, the ex CIA man Bin Laden, if the Saudis allow me to. (Applause, hopefully)
In all these days of bullshit and days of no reckoning, I can be confident. In a whirlwind of no change and hope and peril, my faith in my wife is sure, my resolve and other bits are firm, and our unions are not so strong and my bank account is full. (Applause, hopefully).
This country has many challenges, I being the most pressing. I will not deny, I will not ignore, I will not pass along my problems to the Democratic Congress, to the next president (Osama Bin Laden or whatever you call him), or the next generation. (Applause, hopefully.) I will confront my alcoholism on the beaches and in the fields in the cities and on the ranch, with focus and clarity and courage.
During the last two years, we have seen how I can fuck things up. To lift the standards of our public schools bla bla bla, I’m fed up with this…let me jump forward…….
We have the terrorists on the run. We're keeping them on the run. One by one, the terrorists are learning the meaning of American torture and water boarding in Gitmo and other places. (Big Applause, hopefully).
As our young men fight this war, as I failed to do in my time, I will remember skulking as a coward in a bottle during Vietnam. This government is taking unprecedented measures to protect me but the have-nots can defend themselves. I've intensified my own security as I’m as scared now as I was during Vietnam. I should be. This year, for the first time, the Chinese have told me what to do and reminded me of the trillions of $$$$$ they hold on my notes. They have even launched missiles into space to knock out our lights. (No Applause, hopefully). The question now is….how do I obey China and Israel at the same time???
I thank the Congress and the people for deserting me as I might have done anything, including WW3. I ask you tonight to add to our future security by impeaching me. (Big Applause, hopefully).
I gotta go…Barney wants me bring the food………bla,bla,bla….

Americans were a free people, who knew that freedom is the right of every person and the future of every nation. The liberty you had is now gone, it is your own fault for electing a clown and drunk like me. (Bigger Applause, hopefully).
You Americans have faith in yourselves, but not in yourselves alone. Ye do not know nothing -- ye do not claim to know all the ways of a coward, yet ye can trust in Cheney, placing our confidence in his courage he found in Vietnam fighting the Gooks.
May He guide us now. And may our God continue to kill and maim all the children in Iraq and Afghanistan if I ever find it on the map. (Biggest Applause.)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

24 dead

If the Shi’a start on us….

They will make the Sunnis look like learners.

At least 24 Americans were killed in Iraq on Saturday the third deadliest single day for U.S. troops since the war began in March 2003. That total included four soldiers and a Marine killed in the violent Anbar province whose deaths were announced Sunday.

The gunmen who killed five U.S. troops in the Shiite holy city of Karbala wore military uniforms and used vehicles commonly driven by foreign dignitaries — an apparent attempt to impersonate Americans, Iraqi officials said Sunday. Saturday's carnage also included 12 soldiers killed in a Blackhawk helicopter crash northeast of Baghdad and two slain in roadside bombings.

The Shi’a are now armed to the teeth and don’t mind dying.

They can not be beaten on their home ground.

All we will do is slaughter more civilians like we did in Fallujah.That clown in the White House and his boss the drunken Cheney should be put in the front line they were plenty smart enough to avoid in Vietnam.

Attack on iran shelved

Attack on Iran shelved.

Abbas to get all new West Bank

Rice said it might still take a "few weeks" to prepare talks between Israel and Palestinian leader, Abbas, and that "she wanted to get the exact size of the all new West Bank into the camel head of Abbas."

"There are a lot of ideas on how we can get the Israeli-Palestinian road map to head for out prepared cul-de-sac," she said. "It's going to be a very useful thing because we want to have a West Bank the size of a postage stamp."

"Abbas, the camel head, will accept this because we have now bought him and Syria, Saudi and Egypt have agreed.

"Haniya and the elected government of the Palestinians are to be got rid of because they help the people too much and want to give them a proper state," she said.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

China says NO

China just said… NO.

By taking down a spy satellite.

No to America.

No to America attacking Iran.

No to America being the only armed space patroller.

No to Taiwan staying on the loose.

No to America being the only superpower.

The real Neo-Cons have just announced their arrival.

They make Cheney and his deluded gang look pathetic.

This leaves America unable to fight anywhere they wish.

Now they have to consider if they will be able to see in the dark.

Cc: Australian Government
Japanese Government
Taiwan Provisional Government

…………………………………….who seem to be confused?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Turner about to turn

A senior aide to Prime Minister Tony Blair has denied any wrongdoing after she was arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice by detectives investigating cash-for-honours allegations.

Ruth Turner, the Downing Street director of Government relations, was questioned at a London police station before being released without charge pending further inquiries.

The fact that Ms Turner was questioned on suspicion of perverting the course of justice will spark speculation in Westminster that the police may be turning their attention towards the possibility of an attempt to cover up the sale of honours.

In a statement released by Number 10, Ms Turner said: "I have already given the police four lengthy interviews and may have told a porky or two. I absolutely refute any allegations of wrongdoing by the Prime Minister but, then again, I am not prepared to go to jail for him."

Mr Blair said he continued to have "complete confidence" that Ms Turner "will keep her mouth shut even if she has to go to jail".

Let Libby Swing

Former White House aide Lewis Libby faces charges for allegedly lying to investigators and obstructing efforts to find out who leaked the name of a CIA operative whose husband had exposed Cheney’s lies on Iraq’s nuclear weapons.

Iraq’s nuclear weapons were one of the main reasons we were given by Cheney for invading Iraq, which are just the same reasons he is now giving us for attacking Iran.

Cheney who had ordered the leak of the name also later ordered the obstruction efforts.

Cheney, at that time, kept a close eye on anyone who could possibly expose the fact that he had made up the reasons to attack Iraq by asking the Italian secret service to falsify documents saying that Saddam tried to buy yellowcake uranium from Niger.

The request to falsify the documents came from Cheney’s special intelligence unit (Office of Special Plans) through the Brit intelligence to the Italians.

If Cheney was not leaning so heavily on Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald, through Guiliani, not to file conspiracy charges against Libby then this would come out.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bush twins go to war

Keep them alive------BRING THEM HOME

If Bush want to support our troops in Iraq and save their lives he should bring them home.

Which is exactly where he stayed during the war he was supposed to fight in.

The extra 25,000 targets he wants to send to Iraq should include some members of his own family, if he believes in it so much.

It would only take a number of weeks to train up his daughters for battle instead of lying on the beach in Rio.

How about it coward?

Blair's uselessness grows

Blair is now useless.

Why is he hanging around?

He has got his promise of a BAE directorship with a special account ($10 mill, to start) already set up for his use in Switzerland and a house near Mick Jagger’s in the Bahamas.

His is off to a good start with the “real purpose” of buying bandages for the children he has maimed throughout the Middle East and shovels to clear up the body parts of the pregnant women he scattered there.

He can’t wipe his ass now.

He goes to the Middle East and is treated like the clubbable fool he is and an errand boy for the drunk in the White House.

Condi goes there and clicks her fingers and everyone meets just because Georgie-boy wants to bomb Iran on instructions the AIPAC who support the corrupt politicians in Israel who have been charged with corruption and rape by their own gang, I kid you not.

It’s time Blair was charged.

Reid dinay know

Reid is not fit for purpose.

The people dinay believe a word he says..

Having sent our troops to Afghanistan to fight without firing a shot Reid is now running the Home Office also without firing a shot.

He doesn’t know who or where or local or foreign criminals are and his control orders are no better than a school den for major terrorists.

They will blow us to bits while this commie clown is in charge.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rice gets proposal

Saudi Arabian leaders have told Condoleeza Rice, the US secretary of state, that Arab countries are ready to back the new US strategy to defeat the Shi’a in Iraq and Iran. Rice is expected to meet several of her Middle Eastern counterparts on Tuesday to discuss the plan which involves sending thousands more US soldiers to crush the Shi’a wherever they are.

"We agree fully with the goals set by the new strategy, which in our view are the goals that - if implemented - would solve the problems that we face from the Shi’a," Prince Saud al-Faisal, the Saudi Arabian foreign minister, said at a joint news conference with Rice in Riyadh.

But he also insisted that only the sunnis could ensure that the plan succeeded."Implementation also requires a [positive] response by the sunnis themselves to these goals ... Other countries can help but the main responsibility in taking decisions rests on the sunnis," al-Faisal added.Rice thanked the Saudis for their help in gathering support for the controversial plan. "I want to underscore that the Saudis were very helpful in helping us to think through some of the elements of the rise in Shi’a power we caused by invading Iraq. We have the same goal, which is an Iraq ruled by the Saudis which doesn't face outside interference from Iran," Rice said.Kuwait meetingIn addition to meeting Kuwaiti leaders, Rice is also due to meet foreign ministers of the six Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) member states plus Egypt and Jordan, later on Tuesday.

The GCC includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The plan, revealed last week, has come under fire in some Arab capitals, even among staunch allies in the Gulf, with critics saying it provides a recipe for more sectarian violence in Iraq that could spread elsewhere in the region.

But Rice on Monday picked up support from Egypt after meeting with Hosni Mubarak, the president, in the southern city of Luxor.

"We are supportive of the plan ... We are hopeful that plan will lead to wipe out of all Shi’as as we have been trying for 1,000 years," said Ahmed Abul Gheit, the Egyptian foreign minister.

While Rice began her trip stressing that she had no "plan" for a proper Middle East peace, she announced a three-way summit with Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, and Mahmud Abbas, the Palestinian president.

The summit, expected to take place in three or four weeks, will be the first meeting between Israeli and Palestinian leaders in two years. Rice Stressed that the meeting would only be a prelude to more bullshit to get us over this immediate problem and that no one should worry.

Rice said: "There are a number of issues, some old, some new, that will have to be resolved if there is to be a Palestinian state. "I am very clear about one thing we do not want to do, which is to rush the formal negotiations before things are fully prepared to fail, before people are fully prepared."

Olmert welcomed the summit but stressed that any Palestinian government involved in peace talks should recognise Israel's right to steal any and all land and water it wanted.

'Temporary solutions'

In the West Bank town of Ramallah on Sunday, Abbas said he rejects: "Any temporary or transitional solutions, including a state with temporary borders, because I do not believe The US is giving me enough money yet."

Abul Gheit said the Palestinian political crisis needed to be contained and contacts resumed between Israel and the Palestinians, in what he described as "a stabilisation phase and no more".

He said: "Then you will start the second phase whereby everything is discussed for ever and ever in relation to the establishment of this Palestinian state that will never exist."

During Rice's brief visit to Jordan late on Sunday, King Abdullah II told her that concrete progress needed to be made on the peace blueprint if the region was to be spared a Shi’a takover.

"Without tangible, specific steps to activate the implementation of the roadmap, any roadmap, in the near future, the cycle of violence will widen and the Shi’a will sort us all out eventually," he said.

But Rice's diplomatic offensive suffered a boost earlier on Monday when Israel invited bids for new Jewish settlement homes in the West Bank even as she was exploring solutions for the region in a meeting with Olmert in Israel.

"Settlements on occupied Palestinian territories are illegal under both Israeli and international law but who gives a fuck", Rice concluded.

Kate runs away

Lady Butler-Sloss, the judge presiding over the inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales ruled that a jury would not hear the inquest.

She said it would be hard to find jury members who would bring in the right verdict on the car crash that killed Diana in Paris in 1997 and on the investigations that followed.

In the ruling, Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss said a jury would be able under British law to consider the evidence that have dogged the investigation into the Aug. 31, 1997, deaths of Diana and Dodi Fayed.

"In particular, the jury would be able to ask questions on allegations that a person, group or organization had been guilty of criminal activities in respect of the death of the princess or Dodi," she said.

The judge said a jury, "most of whom can’t even read, and would find it difficult to cope with the volume and detail of the evidence. The inquest will delve into technical matters on the crash, which would be well beyond anyone but myself."

"Over 30 witness are expected to testify and anyone who dares tell the truth will meet the same fate as Diana, " she said.

"It would undoubtedly be easier for a professional judge to cover up the details of this whole unfortunate matter," Butler-Sloss wrote.

Monday, January 15, 2007

BAE bribery

BAE, the UK's biggest arms supplier secretly paid a $12m commission into a Swiss account in a deal which led to Tanzania, one of the world's poorest countries, buying a controversial military radar system.

The deal was forced through by Blair despite Brown and Short opposing it.

Lord Powell of BAE told Blair that this deal must happen and that any bribe money would be divided evenly between all concerned.

Bin Laden rejoins CIA

Bin Laden to rejoin the CIA.

And fight in the new American Jihad.

The Great Christian Fundamentalist George W Bush has forgiven Bin Laden and issued a Fatwa on all Shi’as in Iraq and the rest of them in Iran.

Bin Laden thinks the Shi’a are even bigger infidels than the Americans.

Bush promised a new ‘Shock and Awe’, as the last one on Iraq didn’t work out so well.

The only ones shocked and awed were ourselves at the resistance we encountered.

Our moderate and tame Arab leaders have told Bush to attack the Shi’a in Iran before they storm Mecca and Israel has told him to hurry up.

The Arab leaders have told Bush to make a show of fixing the Palestinian problem but not to dare fix it, as they would be next on the list for sorting out.

This Bush is some major clown to get involved in 1,000 year old struggles.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Casus belli

Casus Belli planned.

Dastardly attack on US oil tanker.

The Condolezza Rice is to be hit amidships by and Iranian missile in the Strait of Hormuz.

US Special Forces have been training for this for some time and have got all the necessary equipment.

The US will definitely have to attack Iran after that.

Anyone in Congress who disagrees can go jump.

Hillary on road to Damascus

Baghdad, 13 January - While Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice began her trip to various Arab countries to hear their terms for the upcoming war in Iran, US Senator Hillary Clinton arrived in Baghdad as part of an effort to find the road to Damascus.

After meeting with top US commander General George Casey and Lieutenant General Ray Odiern, Senator Clinton flatly declared to ABC news channel she had found the elusive road to Damascus on a military map and now knows that the US or the Iraqi government could not succeed in stabilizing the country, saying "It took me a while to figure out but I don't know that the American people or the Congress at this point believe this mission can work."

And in the absence of a commitment by the AIPAC to back me for President, why should I believe them and say nothing?"

Senator Clinton described the situation in Iraq as "heartbreaking" and confessed "this is my third trip to Iraq. I've seen our boys dying but could not speak out until I had weighed the loss of support from the AIPAC towards the gain in support from the American people.

"I and the AIPAC will make a great president," she concluded.

The war in Iraq is over

The Iraq war is over.

But our troops are not coming home.

We have another war in Iran for them.

We have found a major nest of terrorists in Iran.

But don’t worry this war will be cheaper.

No need for great and expensive preparations.

All we have to do is change the q in Iraq to the n in Iran and we’re away.

Then we can use the same WMD reasons and the same propaganda.

Iran is a serious threat to America, Britain and its allies.

It has WMD.

It is full of terrorists.

Bring them on.

Let’s go get them.

Will someone tell Bush where Pakistan is and the name of the leader there?

He has had trouble with this before.

Tell him Bin Laden is in the mountains of Western Pakistan.

Point it out on the map to him and make sure he has his glasses on.

Corruption in Israel

Israeli police have evidence which could see Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, and other Israeli politicians charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

Israeli police from the economic crimes unit have collected enough evidence against Olmert to launch a formal investigation.

The inquiry centres around the privatisation of a prize state asset, Bank Leumi, Israel's second largest bank.

Allegations state that when acting finance minister, Olmert intervened in the wording of the tender to benefit close business associates.

The allegations against the Olmert are the latest in a series of scandals that have convinced ordinary Israelis there is something rotten in the body politic.

Avraham Hirshson, Israel's finance minister, is under police investigation on suspicion of theft, fraud, conspiracy and money laundering.

The prime minister's personal secretary is under house arrest as part of a corruption probe.

The director of Israel's tax authority has suffered a similar fate after an extensive police investigation into officials accepting bribes in return for tax breaks.

Moshe Katsav, Israel's president, is facing allegations of rape and sexual assault, eavesdropping, fraud, breach of trust and improprieties in gift distribution.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The most dangerous men in America

The most dangerous men in America.

These sell-outs have sent our boys to die in a useless war.

Now they want to send even more to their deaths.

Ex President Carter says they would commit political suicide if they didn’t.

Well it would be better if they did commit political suicide than for our brave boys to be butchered in Iraq for a war, which should never have been started.

Bush and Cheney told us that Saddam had all sort of weapons and was going to attack us with the terrorists.

This was a lie.

Saddam could not wipe his ass let alone attack us.

Bin Laden is unable to attack us now.

If Bush had done his job Bin laden would not have been able to attack us in the first place.

The slightest bit of police or intelligence work would have stopped Bin Laden.

Now these fucks want us to attack Iran.

The comeback on that one will be real.

The anti Semites resign

The anti Semites resign.

from The Carter Centre.

The Anti Semites-- Abrams…Berman…Coles…Golden…Hertz…Babbit-Kaufman…Levetan…Levy…Novak…Schwartz…Schwartz111…Selig…Steinberg…Solomon- have resigned from the carter centre.

These people want to see a continuation of the ethnic cleansing and slaughter in Palestine with no peace in Israel.

They favour sending our boys to die in Iraq and Iran for nothing.

Carter has always campaigned for peace in Israel and has peace treaties in his name to prove it.

Following the resignation of these anti Semites a number of boards and other organizations are looking at their members to see if any are anti Semetic with a view to expelling them.

Bush cracks up

Bush cracks up

As Pelosi reality hits home.

It’s not so long ago since he was trying to create his own reality with our boys lives.

He’s as mad as a hatter

All the signs are there.

Crying in public.

Dishevelled appearance.

He’ll soon be back on the drink and coke.

And this is the clown that wants to kill our boys fighting in foreign was that have nothing to do with us.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Imaginary friends

Imaginary enemies, Lousy friends.

We attacked our imaginary enemy in Iraq slaughtering 600,000 of their civilians and losing 3,000 of out own.

Iraq was the real enemy of Israel.

We are now about to attack Iran, which is not our enemy, starting with the Shi’as in Sadr city and the rest of Iraq.

Iran is the real enemy of Israel and the imaginary one of Saudi.

The Saudis think Iran is their enemy because Iran is Shi’a.

This is now shaping up and being planned by Cheney to be a regional war.

Iran against Israel and Saudi. The Semites have ganged up. The last time they fought together was against us when we tried to keep Jerusalem from Saladin.

Iran will use its own troops while Israel and Saudi will use ours.

Nice trick if they can pull it off.

Put a dumbo president in the White House, surround him with the likes of Halliburton Cheney and sent our boys off to fight their imaginary enemies.

The AIPAC have a lot to answer for.

Not only are they spies inside our country but now they are killing our boys in useless wars.

Israel has made so many enemies because they are stealing and ethnically cleansing the land in Palestine.

If they stop this they will have no enemies except themselves.

Thinking you’re something special like a ‘chosen people’ makes you an enemy of yourself.

When Sadr city turns into Fallujah and Moqtada al Sadr is assassinated you will know it has started.

Incidentally, we will lose this war.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

THE PRESIDENT gets his orders

THE PRESIDENT: Good evening. Tonight in Iraq, the Armed Forces of the United States are engaged in a struggle that will determine the direction of Israeli war aims in Iran -- and our big oil and supply companies here at home.

The new strategy I outline tonight will not change America's course in Iraq, but will help Israel and Halliburton.

In 2006 our violence in Iraq -- particularly in Baghdad – did not overwhelmed anyone. Al Qaeda infiltrators, whom we allowed in, and Sunni insurgents recognized our mortal danger and attacked us.

The situation in Iraq is unacceptable to the American people – so they and the congress can go and jump.

Our troops in Iraq have fought bravely. They have done everything I have asked them to do. Where my mistakes are exposed, the responsibility will rest with me. For instance, before I invaded Iraq the Israelis told me that Iraq was where Bin Laden and the terrorists were. Now I know they’re a couple of countries over.

It is clear that we need to change our strategy in Iraq. So my bosses have told me to ignore Baker, my daddy, and my military commanders and diplomats.

We therefore had to ignore members of Congress from both parties, our allies abroad, and distinguished outside experts.

We benefited from the thoughtful recommendations of Israel, Halliburton and Exxon.
In our discussions, we all agreed that there is no magic formula for success in Iraq without bombing the shit out of Iran and this one message came through loud and clear:
Failure in Iraq would be a disaster for Israel and Saudi.

The consequences of failure are clear: Radical Islamic extremists would grow in strength and gain new recruits. They would be in a better position to topple the Saudi government, create chaos in the region, and use oil revenues to fund their ambitions.
Iran would be emboldened in its pursuit of civil rights for all Shi’as in all countries.

The most urgent priority for success in Iraq is security, especially in Baghdad. Eighty percent of Iraq's sectarian violence occurs within 30 miles of the capital. This violence is splitting Baghdad into sectarian enclaves, and shaking the confidence of all Iraqis. Only Iraqis can end the sectarian violence and secure their people. And their government has put forward an aggressive plan to do it. It is all a waste of time as Iran now controls southern Iraq.

Our past efforts to secure Baghdad failed for two principal reasons: There are not enough soldiers in the world to subdue Iraq and there were too many restrictions on the troops killing everyone they met. Our military commanders reviewed the new Iraqi plan to ensure that it addressed these mistakes and this time we kill everyone, men, women and children.
Now let me explain the main elements of this effort: The Iraqi government will appoint a military commander and two deputy commanders for their capital who will be Shi’as and take their orders directly from Iran.

The Iraqi government will deploy the Shi’a Iraqi Army and National Police brigades across Baghdad's nine districts. When these forces are fully deployed, there will be 18 Iraqi Army and National Police brigades committed to this effort, along with local police. These Shi’a forces will operate from local police stations -- conducting patrols and setting up checkpoints, and going door-to-door to ethnically cleanse anyone who is not Shi’a.

Many listening tonight will ask why this effort will succeed when previous operations to secure Baghdad did not. Well, here are the differences: In earlier operations we were not ruthless enough, we asked Saddam before we hung him, what to do. He said kill everyone and if you can’t get at them…gas them. This is what we are going to do now.

When this fails it will not be noticed as we will be fighting Iran, having bombed the bitches back to the Stone Age, and we will have no oil to generate electricity to watch our tellies… so no one will know anyway.

The Israelis call this linear warfare and we are getting good at it.

In these dangerous times, the United States is blessed to have extraordinary and selfless men and women willing to step forward and fight for big business and foreign countries. These young Americans understand that our cause in Iraq will help Israel and pay Halliburton and Exxon loads of dosh -- and that the ‘advance of freedom’ is the first line of a song I heard somewhere. They serve far from their families, who make the quiet sacrifices of lonely holidays and empty chairs at the dinner table. They have watched their comrades give their lives to ensure our have mores have more and which Cheney and I were plenty smart enough to avoid during the Vietnam War. We mourn the loss of every fallen American but none of our families will fall -- and we owe it to them to build a global Halliburton worthy of their sacrifice.

Fellow citizens: The year ahead will demand more patience, sacrifice, and resolve. It can be tempting to think that America can put aside the burdens of supporting Exxon and Israel. Yet times of testing reveal the character of a nation. And throughout our history, Americans have always defied the pessimists and seen our faith in freedom redeemed. Now America is engaged in a new struggle that will set the course for a new century. We, Cheney and I, can, and will, prevail over Congress and the People.

We go forward with trust that the Author of Gimmy More will guide us through these trying hours and lead us to even bigger $$$$$.

Thank you and good night.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sorry, it was all a big mistake

It was all a big mistake.

We attacked Iraq by mistake.

The terrorists were somewhere else, stupid.

Bush thought the terrorists were in Iraq when, in fact, they were in Afghanistan.

He mixed up the two countries like he didn’t know who ruled Pakistan.

Halliburton, Exxon and Israel may have encouraged him in his mistake because the first two wanted the business and Israel wanted its enemy chastised.

It was all a big mistake.

So why do we now want to kill more of our young country boys after the 3,000 so far?

Who does it suit?

It does not suit or help America.

It may make some more $$$$$ for Haliburton Cheney.

Israel see a new and more dangerous enemy on the rise in Persia because of the fall of Saddam.

If America pulled out of Iraq it would leave the new Persian empire, which is Shi’a, at the gates of Mecca and nearer Jerusalem.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei is worried that the Semites are ganging up on Iran.

He knows that the Saudis and the Israelis worked together to assassinate Nasrallah.

Ayatollah Khamenei advised the Arab leaders not to give concessions to the United States adding that the US administration is not trustworthy because it obeyed Israel in its invasion of Iraq and supports Israeli crimes against Muslims in Palestine.

The surge in Iraq would suit Israel and Saudi and Haliburton.

It would not be in the American national interest.

The Arabs will sell us their oil cheaper if we leave them to run their own countries and pray to whatever god they want.

Time to get out.

Monday, January 08, 2007

A new belt for Nancy

Suicide squad in Congress

The AIPAC will suicide any congress member who does not support the surge in Iraq.

The Member of Congress who does not acquiesce with the demands of the AIPAC will be committing political suicide.

The suicide enforcing squad who will see that the wishes of the AIPAC are carried out include Cheney, Hoyer and Emanuel.

The America Israel Political Action Committee, or AIPAC and it is the “most effective lobby that I have ever seen” according to Jimmy Carter.

“They are extremely powerful in this country and their purpose is not to promote peace in the Middle East.” he says

Their purpose is to control Congress by getting the policies of the government of Israel supported and financed to the greatest degree possible by the American taxpayer.

And they are extremely knowledgeable and extremely fervent and very effective and highly dangerous to the live of young American soldiers in Iraq.

What Blair knows?

ISRAEL has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons.

Two Israeli air force squadrons are training to blow up an Iranian facility using low-yield nuclear “bunker-busters”, according to several Israeli military sources.

Israeli pilots have flown to Gibraltar in recent weeks to train for the 2,000-mile round trip to the Iranian targets.

If this is true then Blair has been informed about the upcoming attack and why the Israelis are using Gibraltar.

The Spanish government should also be informed that their territory is being used to prepare for a nuclear first strike by Israel on an innocent country.

Blair should be pinned down on this in Prliament.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The enemy within

The enemy within.

We are at war.

At least in the fevered imagination of our mad President.

And within we have an enemy that is working for a foreign state (Israel) who do not have the interests of America at heart.

This enemy has infiltrated Congress and the Senate.

It includes, among others, Member of Congress Rahm Emanuel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Tom Lantos, Jane Harman, Steve Israel, Howard Berman, Robert Wexler, Gary Akerman, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Engel…..Members of Senate Dianne Feinstein, Joe “the kiss” Liberman, Norm Coleman, Charles Schumer, Ron Wyden, Arlen Specter….

The most dangerous of these are Rahm Emanuel and Debbie Schultz.

The enemy controls Congress through money.

Emanuel and Schultz have access to the money granted to Israel by the American taxpayer and sent back to America to corrupt and control our congress.

With this money they finance the election campaigns of numerous members of congress.

These financed members are then in the pocket and under the control of foreign agents.

Congress should be a check and balance on our president, especially when he is mad and under the control of someone like Haliburton Cheney and Israel.

This check is no longer working because of the enemy within.

Bush and Haliburton Cheney with the help of this enemy within and their paid-for Congress members will send our boys to die in the useless surge in Iraq.

If you want to know whom the enemies of America are then look at who supports the next deployment in Iraq.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Condi the slave

Washington - President George Bush today announced his nomination of John “ Dimitri” Negroponte for the position of Secretary for the State Department over the head of Condi Rice.

Condi is to stay in position, in name only, and be the new slave and go-for for Negroponte.

Dimitri Negroponte is a Greek- Brit born July 21, 1939 in the United Kingdom and is widely known as the torturer of Honduras.
He also illegally funded the Contras, and he was involved in a cover-up of his human rights abuses in Honduras. Negroponte boasts that he can torture you in any one of five languages including English, French, Greek, Spanish, and Vietnamese but is unable to think clearly in any one.

US generals in revolt

WASHINGTON Jan 5, 2007 — President Bush is sacking the generals responsible for carrying out his failed military and diplomatic strategies in Iraq as he prepares to outline an even more catastrophic direction for the war that has raged for nearly four years.
Bush will replace Gen. John P. Abizaid, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East, and Gen. George Casey, the chief general in Iraq, because they refuse to lose any more men in a useless police operation to separate Sunni and Shi’a fighters. They say their army is not a police force and should and can not be used as such.
Bush wants to replace Abizaid with mor compliant commanders such as Adm. William Fallon, the top U.S. commander in the Pacific, and Casey's replacement will be Army Lt. Gen. David Petraeus, who headed the effort to train Iraqi security forces, the reports citing administration officials said.
Giving Fallon and Petraeus the top military posts in the Middle East would help Bush to assert that he is taking the Israeli approach in the region and help pave the way for him to turn policy there in a direction demanded by the AIPAC. Both Abizaid and Casey have expressed reservations about the potential effectiveness of boosting troop strength in Iraq and say many men will be lost and injured for no good reason. They say the Shi’a and Sunni have been fighting for a thousand years and will be fighting in a thousand years time. It is not written that American troops should die in the middle for Israel.
Sen. Daniel K. Inouye, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Defense appropriations subcommittee, told The Associated Press on Thursday that he understands Bush wants to appoint Fallon to head the U.S. Central Command, because Fallon knows nothing and will do anything he’s told by the Israelis in both Iraq and Afghanistan. It is well known that Israel has controlled the US navy since the "Liberty affair" demonstrated this some time ago, Inouye said.
"He's highly knowledgeable about the sea and ships and well-educated and respected," Inouye said of Fallon. "I would think that his nomination, if the president is to submit it, would go flying through as a knowledge of ships and currents is essential in the deserts of Anbar province and the new Iraq."
In a news conference Thursday, Bush said that he would go before the nation next week and rubbish the Baker report because his orders from AIPAC was to step up the war in Iraq. "I’ll be ready to outline a strategy that Israel says will help it keep the West Bank and refuse a state to the Palestinians, sometime next week," the president said.
"I've still got consultations to go through with the Israelis and Haliburton and some members of Congress have been invited to the White House on Friday to hear the bad news." he said.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Israeli soldier to defect

Israeli soldier to defect

Israeli soldier and tennis ace Shahar Pe’er is to ask for political asylum in Britain.

Pe’er, who is ranked 18th. in the world, is worried that she might face an international boycott because of Israeli army atrocities in Gaza.

Pe’er has been assured by British officials that she will be welcome in Britain as a political refugee as long as she denounces child killing by the Israeli army

Bush having nervous breakdown, again

Bush now having severe breakdown.

Recurrence of PTSD now worrying White House.

Bush of late but especially since the Baker Report has been having more frequent recurrences of his old disorder PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as it is commonly known.

Bush has begun to re-experience the deeply personal trauma of being a coward and being known as a coward, by his peers and anti-war veterans, during the Vietnam War.

He has used persistent avoidance to overcome this in the near past but the utter failure of his strategy in Iraq has brought it all back.

His increased mental arousal and flashbacks to his failures, humiliations and paranoia have led him to distrust everyone and he has been observed by the Secret Service discussing foreign policy issues with his dog, Barney.

He has told Barney a number of times that he knows the name of the President of Pakistan and always has.

Bush has been experiencing physical reactions to this stress, such as sweating and rapid heart rate which lead to reactions that are similar to the "fight or flight" responses to emergencies.
Bush is also suffering from increased sleep disturbance, irritability, outbursts of anger, difficulty concentrating, increased vigilance, and the exaggerated startle response to the shock and realization of the Baker Report.

Bush has chosen the "fight" option to this increasingly bad situation and encouraged by Haliburton Cheney and the AIPAC is sending more of our boys to die uselessly in Iraq.
Intelligence estimates tell Bush that 250 of our boys will die because of the upcoming surge in Iraq while 1,000 will be seriously injured over the next 6 months.

This does not matter to Bush as he thinks, in his deluded state that these boys dying makes him a brave man as he thinks he is doing the actual fighting and risking his own life, which he refused to do in Vietnam.

Monday, January 01, 2007

America to hang all middle east leaders

The Lebanese Arabic daily Al-Safir said that Saddam was the first Middle Eastern President to be executed under the expanding occupation but not the last, saying the motivation was to wipe out all the leaders in the Middle East and start again.

Saddam had worked for the Americans for years and had even invaded Iran for them leading to the death of 2,000,000 people and ruining his nations finances despite huge oil reserves.

When Saddam invaded Kuwait because they had sold his notes to Israel his friends the Americans objected and invaded.

Olmert said “It is dangerous for Arab leaders to be friends with America because we control America.

We have instructed the Americans to hang all their friends and enemies in the Middle East - if not – bomb them back to the stone age.

Transcript of Blair phone tapping

Bush: Yo, Blair. How are you doing? Happy new Year…
Blair: I'm just...someone looking in the window.
Bush: You're leaving?
Blair: No, no, no not yet. I didn’t come yet…...[indistinct]
Bush: Yeah, I told that to the man…about Gibbs an all..
Blair: Are you planning to stay there or not?
Bush: If they want me…they like looking...
Blair: Well, it's just that if something arises...
Bush: I just want some movement.
Blair: Yeah.
Bush: Yesterday we didn't see much movement..
Blair: No, no, it may be that it's not, it may be that it's impossible.
Bush: Did you take the viagra?
Blair: Yeah, But it's just I think that I need a younger male .....
Bush: Who is introducing these people to you?
Blair: Angela [Merkel, the German Chancellor]
Bush: Tell her I need some ….
Blair: Yes
Bush: Tell her to put him on the plane tonight. Thanks for the sweater - it's awfully thoughtful of you. I often think about us….
Blair: It's a pleasure.
Bush: I know you picked it out yourself.
Blair: Oh absolutely - in fact I knitted it!!!
Bush: What about the hanging- it worked like a dream, as you said – it seems to take all the attention away from the 3,000 dead milestone. I didn't like that number at all….it was the same number as The Bin killed here….Where did you learn that trick…covering bad news with worse?
Blair: Yeah, no I think the [indistinct]…we often use it at home…..but what was really difficult was getting the exact day when the 3,000 would be reached and to hang him on that day….
Bush: Yeah.
Blair: I don't know what you guys have talked about, but as I say I am perfectly happy to try and see what the lie of the land is, but Israel will never agree to anything…. otherwise it will spiral and they’ll have to give back the land they robbed…..
Bush: I think Condi [US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice] is going to go pretty soon.
Blair: But that's, that's, that's all that matters. But if you... you see it will take some time to get that together.
Bush: Yeah, yeah.
Blair: But at least it gives people...
Bush: It's a process, I agree. I told her your offer to let her watch...
Blair: Well... it's only if I mean... you know. If she's got a..., or if she needs it as it were... Because obviously if she is not getting any , if it were, whereas I can go and just take it out and anyone can watch.
Bush: You see the irony is that she don’t need nobody watching..and she loves doing this shit all over the place...
Blair: [indistinct]
Bush: [indistinct]
Blair: Dunno... did you come?....
Bush: Why?
Blair: Because I think this is all part of the same thing...
Bush: (with mouth full of bread) Yeah
Blair: Look - what does Cheney think? He thinks if Lebanon turns out fine. If you get a solution in Israel and Palestine, Iraq goes in the right way and pigs fly…
Bush: Yeah, yeah, he is struggling.
Blair: He's had it. And that's what the whole thing is about. He just can’t get a hard-on no matter what I try….
Bush: I felt like telling Kofi to call, to get on the phone to Assad and make a threesome or something happen.
Blair: Yeah…that would be nice….
Bush: [indistinct]
Blair: [indistinct]
Bush: We are not blaming the Lesbians for this...
Blair: Is this...?