Saturday, January 13, 2007

The anti Semites resign

The anti Semites resign.

from The Carter Centre.

The Anti Semites-- Abrams…Berman…Coles…Golden…Hertz…Babbit-Kaufman…Levetan…Levy…Novak…Schwartz…Schwartz111…Selig…Steinberg…Solomon- have resigned from the carter centre.

These people want to see a continuation of the ethnic cleansing and slaughter in Palestine with no peace in Israel.

They favour sending our boys to die in Iraq and Iran for nothing.

Carter has always campaigned for peace in Israel and has peace treaties in his name to prove it.

Following the resignation of these anti Semites a number of boards and other organizations are looking at their members to see if any are anti Semetic with a view to expelling them.


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