Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blair's uselessness grows

Blair is now useless.

Why is he hanging around?

He has got his promise of a BAE directorship with a special account ($10 mill, to start) already set up for his use in Switzerland and a house near Mick Jagger’s in the Bahamas.

His is off to a good start with the “real purpose” of buying bandages for the children he has maimed throughout the Middle East and shovels to clear up the body parts of the pregnant women he scattered there.

He can’t wipe his ass now.

He goes to the Middle East and is treated like the clubbable fool he is and an errand boy for the drunk in the White House.

Condi goes there and clicks her fingers and everyone meets just because Georgie-boy wants to bomb Iran on instructions the AIPAC who support the corrupt politicians in Israel who have been charged with corruption and rape by their own gang, I kid you not.

It’s time Blair was charged.


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