Sunday, January 28, 2007

If we knew then....

We know now…

What we did not know then…

Bush and Cheney are liars.

Cheney and Bush were liars when they made up the story about Saddam having this and that and being a danger to us and Iraq full of terrorists and 9/11ers.

In fact he could not wipe his ass.

Now the country is a danger to any of our boys there and is full of terrorists and 9.11ers.

Cheney and Bush have accomplished this in four years.

So they say “we are where we are, forget the past and let’s fuck it up further.”

After the surge we will know that 500 out our boys have died for nothing and we will have to leave the country while the local Sunni/Shi’a divide up the country.

Nothing else is possible.

We knew now what we will know then.

Cheney and Bush are lying crooks and cowards.

Why do we let them kill our boys?


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