Friday, January 12, 2007

Imaginary friends

Imaginary enemies, Lousy friends.

We attacked our imaginary enemy in Iraq slaughtering 600,000 of their civilians and losing 3,000 of out own.

Iraq was the real enemy of Israel.

We are now about to attack Iran, which is not our enemy, starting with the Shi’as in Sadr city and the rest of Iraq.

Iran is the real enemy of Israel and the imaginary one of Saudi.

The Saudis think Iran is their enemy because Iran is Shi’a.

This is now shaping up and being planned by Cheney to be a regional war.

Iran against Israel and Saudi. The Semites have ganged up. The last time they fought together was against us when we tried to keep Jerusalem from Saladin.

Iran will use its own troops while Israel and Saudi will use ours.

Nice trick if they can pull it off.

Put a dumbo president in the White House, surround him with the likes of Halliburton Cheney and sent our boys off to fight their imaginary enemies.

The AIPAC have a lot to answer for.

Not only are they spies inside our country but now they are killing our boys in useless wars.

Israel has made so many enemies because they are stealing and ethnically cleansing the land in Palestine.

If they stop this they will have no enemies except themselves.

Thinking you’re something special like a ‘chosen people’ makes you an enemy of yourself.

When Sadr city turns into Fallujah and Moqtada al Sadr is assassinated you will know it has started.

Incidentally, we will lose this war.


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