Friday, January 19, 2007

Let Libby Swing

Former White House aide Lewis Libby faces charges for allegedly lying to investigators and obstructing efforts to find out who leaked the name of a CIA operative whose husband had exposed Cheney’s lies on Iraq’s nuclear weapons.

Iraq’s nuclear weapons were one of the main reasons we were given by Cheney for invading Iraq, which are just the same reasons he is now giving us for attacking Iran.

Cheney who had ordered the leak of the name also later ordered the obstruction efforts.

Cheney, at that time, kept a close eye on anyone who could possibly expose the fact that he had made up the reasons to attack Iraq by asking the Italian secret service to falsify documents saying that Saddam tried to buy yellowcake uranium from Niger.

The request to falsify the documents came from Cheney’s special intelligence unit (Office of Special Plans) through the Brit intelligence to the Italians.

If Cheney was not leaning so heavily on Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald, through Guiliani, not to file conspiracy charges against Libby then this would come out.


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