Saturday, January 13, 2007

The most dangerous men in America

The most dangerous men in America.

These sell-outs have sent our boys to die in a useless war.

Now they want to send even more to their deaths.

Ex President Carter says they would commit political suicide if they didn’t.

Well it would be better if they did commit political suicide than for our brave boys to be butchered in Iraq for a war, which should never have been started.

Bush and Cheney told us that Saddam had all sort of weapons and was going to attack us with the terrorists.

This was a lie.

Saddam could not wipe his ass let alone attack us.

Bin Laden is unable to attack us now.

If Bush had done his job Bin laden would not have been able to attack us in the first place.

The slightest bit of police or intelligence work would have stopped Bin Laden.

Now these fucks want us to attack Iran.

The comeback on that one will be real.


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