Friday, January 26, 2007

Understanding the Holocaust

Understanding the Holocaust.

Why would a European country burn 6,000,000 of Europe’s best citizens 60 years ago?

That’s a hard one.

What did we have 60 years ago?

Obviously a lunatic called Hitler.

But why would the German people obey his order to kill their neighbours?

The answer is that any people (that’s you and me) ordered to do something by what we consider an authority figure will do it.

Milgram proved that 65% of normal everyday people would obey any order, including inflicting torture and death, in his experiments.

This means in a democracy where any leader who gets into power can count on 65% of the people to obey any order he or she gives.

If the leader is a lunatic then any lunatic order he gives will be followed.

We better then guard against having lunatics for leaders

Take some of the recent lunatics who have ruled us.

Bush, Blair, Thatcher, Nixon, Stalin, Mao.

All up to their necks in blood.

How do we stop this?

The only way is strong Congressional or Parliamentary control of the lunatic leader.

Bush and Blair escaped this because of 9/11.

So now, regardless of what attack we may face from a foreign enemy or an alleged friend with their lobby groups, multinational corporations or a rag-tag bunch of ex CIA operatives like Bin Laden and his gang, we should still have strong Congressional or Parliamentary control over the leader in the White House or Downing Street because the chances are he will be a coward and a lunatic.

These attacks on civil rights by Bush and Blair will lead, if left unchecked, to the next, probably flying, Holocaust.

Stop the bastards now.


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