Sunday, January 14, 2007

The war in Iraq is over

The Iraq war is over.

But our troops are not coming home.

We have another war in Iran for them.

We have found a major nest of terrorists in Iran.

But don’t worry this war will be cheaper.

No need for great and expensive preparations.

All we have to do is change the q in Iraq to the n in Iran and we’re away.

Then we can use the same WMD reasons and the same propaganda.

Iran is a serious threat to America, Britain and its allies.

It has WMD.

It is full of terrorists.

Bring them on.

Let’s go get them.

Will someone tell Bush where Pakistan is and the name of the leader there?

He has had trouble with this before.

Tell him Bin Laden is in the mountains of Western Pakistan.

Point it out on the map to him and make sure he has his glasses on.


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